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Meet Mediha Cakiroglu, Turkey’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010

04 Jun 2010
Singapore 2010, YOG

I am Mediha Cakiroglu, Young Ambassador from Turkey. I have been an archer since I was nine years old. I competed for four years as a professional athlete in the Turkish Archery National Team. I won many medals in competitions, for example at the European Cup, we got a gold medal there with my team. ( I still practise it but my condition is not good enough to get into a national team again. :) ) I also practised tennis for a long time as a hobby and I studied in the Sports Academy as a tennis coach.

I went to Mexico in high school as an exchange student and I stayed there approximately two years. Then I studied in Gazi University of Physical Education and Sports. I am now studying in Bahcesehir University as a Master student of Sports Management.

I love to play sport and it is also a big tradition in my family. My mom and dad were professional athletes. My mom was a gymnast and my dad was a basketball player. Then my dad started to practise archery in my 12th year just to accompany me. In the course of time he got into a National Team with me. We competed together and that was one of the unforgettable times of my life. I felt proud, confident and emotional all together. That was a big mix of feelings for me :)

I worked in the Turkish Archery Federation as an Spanish translator as a part time job during university, in GYSO Sports School as a camp director for six summers, in the Turkish Sports Writers Association Sports Club as a Tennis Club Coordinator and in the WOW Istanbul Hotels as a Health Club Department Manager. Finally, in February 2010, I set up my own company around sports organisation. I am working to improve the meaning of “Sports” for young athletes and organise seminars for athletes. I also worked in Universiade 2005 Izmir and the 16th, 17th and 29th Archery World Cup Antalya.

As a Young Ambassador, my mission is to inform all the delegates, especially the Turkish athletes, to enjoy their trip for the first Youth Olympic Games. The Culture and Education Programme is amazing: I believe that the athletes will enjoy their stay in Singapore. I will do my best to inform all the delegates and the athletes about all details before their trip. J I love the Singapore people and I am sure that is a big opportunity for me to promote the Youth Olympic Games to everyone here.

I’m sure they will enjoy the trip to Singapore. They will not want to go back to their countries after the all these Culture and Education Programme activities! I would love to be a young athlete in the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games!

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