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26 May 2010
Singapore 2010 , YOG

Meet Hamza Lachheb, Morocco’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010

My name is Hamza Lachheb, I am 22 years old and the Moroccan Young Ambassador. I am a student in my fourth year at the Business College, taking the business and market finance option. I played in my university’s football team and was President of my university’s sports association for two years. I love team sports as they let you improve team spirit and eliminate the differences between people.

When I was chosen by my National Olympic Committee to be a Young Ambassador, I knew there was a great challenge ahead of me: to be a member of the team responsible for organising a major international event, needs a great deal of work and incredible willpower to promote the Youth Olympic Games.

My mission is clear: promoting the YOG in my country and helping the athletes in my delegation to get involved in the Culture and Education Programme!

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