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20 Apr 2010
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Meet Austria’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010!

My name is Florian Kogler, I am 22 years old and I live in St Poelten, Austria. I hold a bachelor’s degree in “Sports, Culture and Event Management” and I am currently going for my masters in advertising. However, since my goal is to become a sports psychologist, I have also started an undergraduate course in psychology, hoping to finish that as well one day.

My passion for sport started when my dad introduced me to team handball when I was seven. I spent the next 15 years playing that wonderful sport. Although I ended my career this season, I’m still involved as a manager and a coach. I started three-step coaching training this year and would love to become a certified coach one day.  Besides sport, I am really into music, films and literature.

For me, it’s an indescribable honour to be named a Young Ambassador and to help promote the YOG and the Olympic values. I think that, as the first Young Ambassadors ever, we are in the unique position to shape the YOG and add up to something great. After the Young Ambassador seminar in Singapore in March, I think we are on a really great path, since we have a team of such amazingly talented and dedicated individuals. In less than a week, we not only learnt what it means to be an Ambassador for the Olympic Movement, but we also became really close friends. And I think this is what the whole YOG experience is about: Taking words like Excellence, Friendship and Respect and filling them with life.

See his online profile on the Cube here.

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