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Meet Alina Nyukhtina, Russia’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010

28 May 2010
Singapore 2010, YOG

I’m Alina Nyukhtina, a 20-year-old Young Ambassador for Russia. I live in a small town, 8 km west of Moscow. Being a student in my 4th year, I’m going to get my Master’s degree in teaching foreign languages. At the same time I am editor-in-chief of a local newspaper for young people. Actually, journalism has been my hobby for a long time, as well as photography. I also adore diving and dream of touching a wild dugong one day. And, I think, here it should go without saying, that I’m keen on sports! My motto that usually helps me in any situation is the following, “it doesn’t matter what you see, but the way you look at it is really important!”

When I was a child, my parents introduced me to rhythmic gymnastics and I enjoyed this sport for many years, taking part in different local and regional championships. Unfortunately, I don’t do any gymnastics anymore, but I do go in for some sports such as swimming, volleyball and skating just for myself, not professionally. I also take part in the organisation of various sports events, as well as culture and entertainment ones, for young people.

As for my educational achievements, I finished school with honours and I expect the same situation with my graduation from the institute in a year and a half. I also took additional courses in journalism, psychology and business. It’s difficult to speak about cultural achievements, but a few years ago I was awarded with “the Medal of Sholokhov” for my contribution to the development of literature.

I think it’s a really great honour for all 30 of us to be Young Ambassadors for the 1st ever Youth Olympic Games! And, of course, it’s an even greater responsibility. Feeling that we are going to become even a tiny part of the history of this new branch of the Olympic Movement makes all of us do our best so that we can contribute to it as much as possible. I believe the position of a YA combines my three main passions: sports, dealing with young people and exploring different cultures.

I totally share the ideas of the Culture and Education Programme (CEP) and I’m eager to engage young people in it! I’m ready to work with the young sportsmen and women from the national delegation, as well as young people in general, to promote the ideas of the Youth Olympic Games. And I’m looking forward to the Games themselves to help the young sportsmen and women enjoy the CEP! I am sure that, in close correlation with the sports events, it is going to change their lives!

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