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13 Mar 2012
Innsbruck 2012

Media Lab


The Media Lab was a hands-on, content-generating experience for the younger generation. Thanks to small groups of up to twelve persons, these workshops allowed every single one of the participants to really get involved. Four different workshops were be offered.

Video – This workshop produced CEP-related films, with the participants gaining experience in areas including field and studio shots, lighting, sound, cutting and on-camera work. During the two-hour session the participants worked on videos presenting the YOG World Mile.

TV – This workshop offered training in interview and presentation techniques. The young participants learned how to express themselves in front of the camera and how to speak using a microphone. During the two-hour session the participants gained confidence in working with the media.

Photography – This workshop focused on photography, including field and studio shots, lighting, geotagging and general image editing. During the two-hour session the facilitator demonstrated the most important tools and techniques needed for digital photography.

Web Lab – This workshop looked at the endless possibilities of the world-wide web, but also made participants aware of the risks of surfing the internet. During the one-hour session the participants explored the rich opportunities offered by Web 2.0.

Social Media – This workshop showed the athletes how to get more followers on Facebook, Twitter and other blogs. The participants learned how to use social media correctly and how to respond to their fans. This one-hour workshop gave the participants an insight into the significance of social media for the Youth Olympic Games and themselves as athletes.

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