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26 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

Medallists prove power of teamwork in modern pentathlon mixed relay

Maria Migueis Teixeira (POR) and Anton Kuznetsov (UKR) won gold in the mixed international modern pentathlon team relay on 26 August.

The power of teamwork was very much evident, with all of the podium finishers making huge improvements on their individual results.

Migueis Teixeira Kuznetsov had previously finished 13th and 12th in their respective individual events.  In fact, none of the six medallists from the mixed event had won in their individual events, proving the value of support.

Once Kuznetsov crossed the line, Migueis Teixeira ran to the finish and gave her Ukrainian team-mate a hug.

“It’s fantastic. It was great because he’s from a different country,” she said, before explaining that the two used some shared language, hand signals and body language to communicate.

And the body language after the victory clearly expressed excitement.

In the final lap of the run and shoot event of the relay, it came down to a foot race between Kuznetsov and Ricardo Yamil Vera Reyes (MEX) for the gold medal.

The two men entered the final round of shooting almost level. Vera Reyes left the shooting range first, but Kuznetsov quickly overtook him and maintained a 10-metre lead through to the end of the race.

Vera Reyes and his team-mate Anna Zs.Toth (HUN) took the silver medal.

“This is still a good result," Vera Reyes said. "I thought the fencing was very good and our results from the swim.”

The bronze went to Aurora Tognetti (ITA) and Park Gilung (KOR).

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