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26 Aug 2008
IOC News

McDonald’s honoured kids in its latest programme

What do eight-time Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps and 17-time Olympic sponsor McDonald’s have in common, besides their love of food? The American swimmer was named the Global Ambassador for McDonald’s Champion Kids programme in August 2007.

Eight gold medals
Just days after breaking the record for most gold medals in a single Olympic Games, Phelps visited Beijing with 34 McDonald’s Champion Kids, taking pictures and answering questions. About what he thinks a champion is, Phelps said, “I think the biggest thing is never giving up. You know, there are some things that aren’t always easy, but you just push through the hard times and it all pays off.”

Two hundred kids travelled to China
The programme was created to inspire and engage young people worldwide in activities that encourage sport, fitness and fun, while providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to experience the Olympic Games first-hand.

This programme has brought more than 200 kids from around the world to Beijing. During their stay, the children are meeting athletes, visiting cultural sights, and attending Olympic events, leaving them with a multitude of stories and experiences to share with family and friends.

A full schedule
“Bringing these kids to Beijing to witness the Olympic Games and the wonders of China is another example of our commitment to children’s well-being,” said Johan Jervoe, Vice President, McDonald’s Global Marketing.  More importantly, these kids are making new friends and creating memories that will last them a lifetime.

“McDonald’s has proudly partnered with the Olympic Games for 40 years, and each time, we strived to create programmes that capture the unique spirit of the Games and to engage our customers worldwide,” said Jervoe.
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