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09 Mar 2005
IOC News , Marketing

McDonald’s education campaign for living balanced, active lives

McDonald’s, Worldwide Partner of the International Olympic Committee, today unveiled, in New York, a major initiative focused on a multi-faceted education campaign to help consumers better understand the key to living balanced, active lives.

Improve overall well being
The new balanced, active lifestyles platform is designed to inspire McDonald’s customers to improve their overall well being. The creative approach will be reflected in McDonald’s television commercials, print and outdoor advertising, packaging tips, tray liners, educational brochures and a variety of other communications as the campaign is rolled out around the world.

“It’s what I eat and what I do … I’m lovin’ it™.”
The theme, which underscores the important interplay between eating right and staying active, forms the creative core of the programme, which takes an innovative and educational approach to advertising and marketing.

Olympic champions featured
Olympic tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams and snowboarding hopeful Crispin Lipscomb, feature in the campaign alongside balanced, active lifestyles advocate Ronald McDonald®. A global team of Olympic athletes, hopefuls and mums (athletes who are mothers themselves or have been “life coaches” to their own Olympic hopefuls) will bring this effort to life in countries throughout the world.

Role models
These role models, who can inspire young people through their compelling personal stories, will share their perspectives on how to achieve and maintain balanced, active lives. Leading the global team are world-renowned hockey player Wayne Gretzky (Canada) and five-time gold-medal winning speed skater Bonnie Blair (US).

“To be part of the solution”
“Our entire worldwide system looks forward to bringing this balanced, active lifestyles commitment and educational campaign to our customers,” said Mike Roberts, McDonald’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Working across the globe to be a part of the solution to our customers’ lifestyles needs continues to be a top priority for McDonald’s”. In many countries, McDonald’s will coordinate through the National Olympic Committees to assemble local teams of Olympic athletes, hopefuls and mothers, to support and implement public service programmes, educational initiatives and sports and fitness events that focus on promoting balanced, active lifestyles in their own communities.

“Healthy lifestyles”
“Healthy lifestyles are vital for sport and sports competition. The IOC encourages health through sport. The IOC commends all efforts to reach out to children and families with encouragement for living in a healthy way. We congratulate McDonald’s for their approach and for this major initiative.” said International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge.

About McDonald’s and the Olympic Movement
McDonald's became an official sponsor of the Olympic Games for the first time in 1976 and has a long-standing commitment to the Olympic Movement. The Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games will mark McDonald's fifth Olympic Games as a Worldwide Sponsor and sixth as the Official Restaurant of the Olympic Games. Since 2004, McDonald’s has leveraged its sponsorship of the Olympic Games, as well as relationships with the IOC and Olympians around the world, to inspire physical fitness and activity among communities worldwide through the Olympic Day Run and other local sporting events.

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