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09 Feb 2006
IOC News

Marshall Islands 203rd National Olympic Committee

The Marshall Islands have today become officially the 203rd member of the Olympic Movement. This decision was taken today in Turin by the 118th Session of the IOC.
In the Pacific
The Marshall Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean (northern hemisphere, equatorial region) approximately 3,000km north of Australia. Two groups of islands make up the territory of the Marshall Islands, also known as the Marshall Archipelago or Republic of the Marshall Islands. These are the Ralik Islands (to the west) and the Ratak Islands (to the east), which are 31 coral atolls, 5 volcanic islands and 1,152 islets with a total area of 181km2 and a maritime zone of 1,294,500km2.
60,000 inhabitants
The population of the Marshall Islands is essentially Micronesian. With just under 60,000 inhabitants, the country has two official languages: the local dialect and English. The main denominations are Protestant (55% of the population), evangelical (25%) and Roman Catholic (8.4%). The capital, located on the Majuro Atoll (cf. map), is Dalap-Uliga-Darrit, and has around 35,000 inhabitants.
Nine National Sports Federations
Nine sports have National Sports Federations: athletics, basketball, tennis, softball, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling. Sport plays an important role on the Islands and has an important economic and social impact.
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