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20 May 2008
IOC News

Marrying sport and culture

Marrying sport and culture
That Olympism blends sport with culture and education was perfectly demonstrated in last week’s final round of the IOC’s Olympic Sport & Art Contest 2008 as well as in the first ever IOC Sport & Singing Contest. Two different international juries, led by the Chairman of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, Zhenliang He, were spoilt for choice among the excellent artworks and songs from all across the globe under the theme of “Sport and Olympism”.
2008 Sport & Art Contest
This year’s Olympic Sport & Art Contest, the third edition of its kind, addressed artists and young talents worldwide through the NOCs. After a national contest round, 36 NOCs in total entered 61 masterpieces in the two categories of sculptures and graphic works for the final international round. The jury, composed of representatives of the IOC Commission for Culture and Education and art experts from the different continents, announced the three winners in each category and five further diplomas for runners up. The public will be able to admire these art pieces in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne as well as this summer at the Olympic Expo in Beijing. The winners will be invited to collect their prizes in Busan, Korea, during the VI World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture to be held from 25 to 27 September 2008.
2008 Sport & Singing Contest 
 Premiere for the IOC Sport and Singing Contest! Following the same system as the Sport & Art Contest, 26 NOCs recommended their top candidates - individuals or groups - for the final international round. Musical personalities and members of the IOC Commission for Culture and Education formed the international jury, which had the task of selecting the three winning performances and five runners-up on the basis of DVD submissions. The first prize goes to the a cappella group “Voiture” from the Republic of Korea, who will be invited to perform at the Olympic Expo this summer in Beijing during the Olympic Games.
In ancient times, sport and culture were closely linked. Cultural events were held at the same time as sporting events. This is a principal that the modern Games adopted, creating the opportunity for exchange between cultures and Olympic education.
The IOC has acknowledged its particular responsibility in terms of promoting culture and Olympic education, and regards culture as the second dimension of Olympism, alongside sport.
List of winners
2008 Sport & Art Contest:

Category sculptures
1st place: Joe Datuin (Philippines) – Dancing rings
2nd place: Mior Mohd Nafis Mohd Zain (Malaysia) - Determination
3rd place: Levan Vardosanidze (Georgia) – Champion
Highly recommended (diplomas)
Hsiang-Chih Shao (Chinese Taipei) – Achieving success
Milton Estrella Gavidia (Ecuador) - Movimiento
To Shui Ming (Hong Kong, China) – Towards the rainbow
Mohammad Reza Yazdi (Islamic Republic of Iran) - Gymnast
Edward Eyth (United States of America) – Balance
Category graphic works (paintings, drawings, engravings, etc.)
1st place: Ivan Patúc (Slovakia) - Wrestling
2nd place: Ching-Yuan Kao (Chinese Taipei) - Sprint
3rd place: Kadir Nelson (United States of America) – The anatomy of team handball
Highly recommended (diplomas)
Liu Da Wei (China) – Play Polo
Albert Münch (Germany) – Liu Xiang, World Champion, 110m hurdles
Shahariah Mohamed Roshdi (Malaysia) - Movement
Edmard C. Colmo (Philippines) – Dreams for goals
Nibonth Phokachang (Thailand) – Culture and Olympism
2008 Sport and Singing Contest:
 1st place: Republic of Korea – Voiture – We are together  (.mp3 5 Mb)  
2nd place: Columbia – Claraluna – Es el momento
3rd place: Benin – TANC – Olympism and Sport
Highly recommended (diplomas)
Croatia – The way of the Olympics
Mongolia – Nomadic Mongolia
Niger – Compangnie Chawa – Le sport c’est la vie
Uruguay – No te separes de ti
United States of America – Legacy 12 – I stand amazed
Promotion of Culture and Olympic Education
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