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03 Aug 2004
IOC News

Marketing Fact File: facts and figures

A new edition of the “Olympic Marketing Fact File” has recently been published by the International Olympic Committee. The document provides updated facts and figures on Olympic revenue generation and distribution. The Fact File is available on and is summarised in a specific fact sheet on Olympic marketing revenue.

Broadcast revenue for Athens 2004
The 2004 Olympic Games broadcast has generated US$ 1,476.9 million in rights fees revenue for the Olympic Movement. The IOC will contribute US$ 723.6 million in broadcast partnership revenue to the Athens Organising Committee (ATHOC) to support the staging of the Olympic Games.

Fifth generation of TOP programme
The fifth generation of The Olympic Partners (TOP) programme, known as TOP V, supports the Olympic Movement throughout the 2001-2004 Olympic quadrennium. It has been estimated that TOP V will generate more than US$ 600 million in financial and value-in-kind support for the Olympic Movement. The Organising Committee will receive approximately 30% of the TOP revenue.

Vital support
The TOP V Partners have worked for the past several years to provide vital financial support, products, services, technology and personnel to ATHOC in support of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Sponsors, supporters and providers
The domestic Olympic Games sponsorship programme managed by ATHOC includes Grand National Sponsors, Supporters and Providers. The ATHENS 2004 domestic sponsorship programme reached its revenue target two years prior to the Opening Ceremony. The total revenue to date from this programme has reached approximately US$ 242 million.

Successful licensing programme
The ATHENS 2004 licensing programme has been highly successful, and is expected to generate US$ 56 million in revenue. The programme involved 19 Greek and four international licensees with around 7,500 points of sale in Greece. Commemorative coins have been distributed to 14 countries.

More than 5.3 million tickets
More than 5.3 million 2004 Olympic Games ceremony and competition tickets have been made available. ATHOC has developed a ticketing programme and pricing plan designed to ensure that all members of the public in all socio-economic groups will be able to experience the 2004 Olympic Games.

Less expensive
About 5.3 million Athens 2004 tickets are still available. Sixty eight per cent of the tickets (3.6 million) are priced between €10 and €30. Fifty-five per cent of the tickets (2.9 million) are priced at less that €20. Thirty-eight per cent of the tickets (2 million) are priced between €10 or €15. Sports ticket prices range from €10 to €300. Ceremony ticket prices range from €50 to €950. The average Athens 2004 ticket price is 34% less expensive than the average Sydney 2000 ticket price.

Marketing Fact File
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