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06 Feb 2010
IOC News , Vancouver 2010

Making the Olympic Games Possible

More than 20 years ago, the International Olympic Committee set out to generate long-term, lasting support for the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Games and the Olympic athletes. In the early 1980s, the Olympic Movement was in a difficult position. Few countries could afford to host the greatest sporting event in the world, and many National Olympic Committees (NOCs) faced financial hardship in trying to support their nation’s Olympic teams and athletes. The financial support of our broadcast partners around the globe, as well as revenue from the IOC’s global sponsorship programme (known as the TOP Programme), has largely ensured that such difficulties are a thing of the past.

Olympic broadcasters and the Worldwide Olympic Partners provide valuable financial resources to every NOC — and every Olympic team — in the world today. These contributions help the NOCs with their efforts to train and develop current and future Olympic athletes. In addition, many Partners develop strong relationships with individual Olympic athletes, finding innovative ways to support them in achieving their dreams at the Olympic Games.

Today there are 9 Worldwide Olympic Partners participating in this global sponsorship programme, providing significant help to make the Olympic dream possible. The Partners’ products, services, technology, expertise and staff in Vancouver contribute to nearly every aspect of Olympic Games operations — working to make the event possible, while also making the celebration more enjoyable for the athletes themselves.

Another major goal of the broadcasters and the Worldwide Olympic Partners is to enhance the Olympic Games experience for Olympic fans around the world. Through the latest broadcast technologies, including internet and mobile phones, as well as innovative marketing programmes, the world is invited to celebrate the Games and share in the achievements of the athletes.
With the Partners’ support, more athletes from more countries are now able to compete in the Games. With the Partners’ support, more people around the world are now able to witness the pinnacle of human achievement. With the Partners’ support, the Olympic Games continue to thrive as the world’s greatest celebration of sport and culture.


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