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Los Angeles Mayor wants the Games to unite the world

10 Jul 2017
LA 2028
Q&A with Eric Garcetti

Mayor of Los Angeles

What would it mean to your city to host the Olympic Games and how would they benefit your city/region?

Hosting the Olympic Games in Los Angeles has been a dream of mine since the last time LA hosted the Games in 1984. Even as a teenager, I could feel the impact of that historic moment, when our city united the world behind the Olympic Movement.

I still believe as strongly as ever in the unifying power of that Movement, and the 2028 Games are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how it can still unite us at a time when we are, perhaps, more divided than ever. That’s why, on my first day as Mayor, I sent a letter to the United States Olympic Committee expressing our city’s interest in hosting the Olympic Games.

Share with us a specific sustainable project linked to the candidature.

We are working toward hosting the first ever “Energy Positive Games” by generating more energy through renewable sources and energy efficiencies than we need to power the Games. We are currently collaborating with venue partners to explore opportunities for onsite renewable generation, and we’re engaging with LA’s regional utilities to involve Angelenos directly through new and existing green programmes, accelerating the adoption of rooftop solar and energy efficient behaviour.

If you were providing advice to a mayor of a future candidate, what would you say are the benefits and challenges of being a Candidate City? What lessons have you learned?

The candidature process is an invaluable opportunity to bring an entire city together for the benefit of everyone. Our bid addresses some of Los Angeles’s real, everyday needs, and that progress will lead to solutions that make our city better.

Bringing together so many organisations can often be a challenge. Fortunately, our entire city is unified in its support to bring the Games back to LA. We made that clear with the multiple unanimous votes from our city council and the independent poll showing that 88 per cent of Angelenos back our bid. Our transparent, inclusive process sets a great example for future Candidate Cities, because we have engaged our entire community, and made the people of Los Angeles feel invested in the benefits the Games can bring to our city.

What has been the highlight of your involvement with the candidature?

The feeling of citywide unity on this project is incredibly rewarding, and it’s one of the main reasons we embarked on this journey. Meeting with global sports leaders to learn their vision for the future is also helping drive our vision for a better future in LA.

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