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Los Angeles 2028 engaged with the community

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10 Jul 2017
LA 2028
The Los Angeles Candidature Committee outlines how they are engaging with their community:

From its inception, the Los Angeles Candidature Committee has engaged the diverse community of Angelenos in the development of its Olympic plans.

To ensure every resident has a voice, LA 2028 led more than 30 community forums, including in every Los Angeles city council district. In addition, LA 2028 organises and participates in major community events reaching thousands of Angelenos and millions of Americans.

For example, at the 128th Rose Parade, Southern California’s iconic Festival of Flowers & Music, more than 500 volunteers helped build the candidature's “Follow the Sun” float, and 700,000 people lined the streets to show support for the LA project and the Olympic legends who rode the float along with young athletes from the LA84 Foundation.

In February 2017, the LA candidature launched its innovative Volunteer Service Program. Since its inception, more than 10,000 people have joined its Volunteer Program, which provides local community service opportunities for those who want to volunteer at the LA Games. This program has provided volunteers for a diverse array of local sport and community events, including the Angel City Games, Discover LA, Friends of the LA River, Heal the Bay, LA Marathon, Special Olympics Southern California and United Way of Greater LA.

Through social media, fans are given the ability to connect with LA 2028 24/7, including experiencing major moments live with candidature leaders and athletes in ways that have never been done before. From the launch of the “Follow the Sun” slogan to Facebook Q&As with Chairman Casey Wasserman and Vice Chair Janet Evans to the announcement of the Athlete Advisory Commission, LA 2028 is using live video to allow the community to participate and share their excitement with new fans across the country.

This commitment to engaging LA’s diverse community is why LA 2028 benefits from enthusiastic public support with 88 per cent backing the candidature in the latest poll.

* Text, images and illustrations provided by LA 2028

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