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Los Angeles 2028 - athletes at the heart of the Olympic Games

10 Jul 2017
LA 2028

Athletes are at the heart of the Olympic Games. Without them, the Games could not happen, and their first-hand experiences form an invaluable part of any candidature for the Games. Here, LA 2028 describes the day-to-day role and contributions of their athletes’ commission to their candidature project.

Led by Olympian and Los Angeles 2028 Vice Chair Janet Evans, the Athletes’ Advisory Commission (AAC) was created to deliver an unparalleled, personalised experience for all athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2028. 

The Commission was closely engaged in the planning and development of the Games Plan, including the selection of the LA 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Village and all venues. Commission members also serve as ambassadors for LA 2028, promoting the bid’s unique vision at domestic and international events and engaging fans across the globe through digital and social platforms.

Since its inception, the AAC has hosted seven town hall forums with Olympians and Paralympians across the United States to solicit feedback and gather new and innovative ideas for the LA 2028 Games concept. At the final LA 2028 meeting in Washington DC, the AAC hosted more than 250 Olympians and Paralympians from the Olympic Games Rio 2016, bringing the total of athletes participating to more than 500.

In addition to its qualitative research, the AAC has launched a questionnaire to expand the breadth of its quantitative research and give all athletes the opportunity to have their voices and interests reflected in the decision-making process.

Together, the direct feedback gathered from the town hall meetings and questionnaire help to shape the LA 2028 Games concept, ensuring that it delivers on the promise of providing the best conditions for the athletes.

* Text, images and illustrations provided by LA 2028

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