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26 Jul 2012
London 2012 , IOC News

Looking forward to Nanjing 2014 at London 2012!

The opening of China House yesterday in Holborn, London, marked the start of China's Olympic journey, not only for London 2012 but also for the next Youth Olympic Games (YOG) set to be held in Nanjing in 2014.

We spoke to the Executive Chairman of the Nanjing YOG Organising Committee, Yang Weize, about his excitement for the Games this summer and the Youth Olympic Games in two years’ time.

“We're hoping for a very successful 2012,” Yang told us, and it's clear that the Chinese mean business. With scenes of the Beijing Games being replayed on screens around the House, there's hope that they'll recreate the same success here. Though yesterday’s opening was also very much about young people.

For the Chinese, who have YOG athletes who competed at Singapore 2010 such as diver Qiu Bo and swimmer Tang Yi competing at London 2012, the YOG legacy is extremely important.

“The more athletes that participate in the Youth Olympic Games and then the Olympic Games, the more we can prove how the YOG can benefit the young and help them to prepare them for their future careers,” Yang added. And with a photo gallery in China House of young Chinese athletes competing, the Chinese are well into the YOG spirit.

With 750 days still to go until the Opening Ceremony, preparations for Nanjing 2014 are well underway. To quote Yang: “Like a sprinter, the Chinese are moving very fast towards their goal.”

So after London 2012 it looks like all eyes will be on China for Nanjing 2014!

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