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15 Feb 2011
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London 2012 Unveils Olympic Competition Schedule

The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) has unveiled the full sports competition schedule for the 2012 Games. The schedule covers the full 19 days of sporting competition and includes the times and venues for over 640 sessions, across more than 300 events, in the 39 disciplines of the 26 sports on show during the Olympic Games next year. This announcement comes one month before ticket sales begin for the London Games, so will give fans wanting to attend the opportunity to explore different possibilities and decide which events they want to see.

“I was there”

The schedule, which was approved by the IOC and the 26 different International Federations, will now allow fans and athletes alike to start fine tuning their preparations for the Games. Sebastian Coe, LOCOG’s Chairman, commented: “'Publishing the Olympic sports competition schedule means that everyone – athletes, coaches, spectators, broadcasters and everybody who wants to be part of London 2012 - can now start planning their Games. The Olympic Games is the greatest show on earth, and the schedule shows the vast choice of sporting events on offer for the public to go and see. The world’s greatest athletes in every one of the 26 Olympic sports are now honing their preparation to a specific point of time on a specific date in July and August 2012.” He continued: “Families up and down the country can now plan their summer of 2012. The schedule showcases brilliant and exciting sport every single day, over 19 days, with 302 medals on offer. Our message to the public is clear – the superstars of 26 world sports are coming to the UK and you have the chance to say "I was there".”

15 March

A total of 6.6 million tickets will go on sale to the public from 15 March to 26 April 2011. The release of the sports schedule will allow those interested in buying tickets to take the time now to decide which events they would like to see, so that they can apply without rushing when the time comes. Those applying for tickets through LOCOG, do not need to hurry to buy on 15 March, as the tickets will not be sold on a first come, first served basis, but oversubscribed sessions will go to a ballot instead. Fans from outside the UK should contact their National Olympic Committee to find out about buying tickets in their territory.


London was elected as the host city for the Games of the XXX Olympiad on 6 July 2005 at the 117th IOC Session in Singapore. London eventually succeeded in the fourth round of voting, taking 54 votes from a possible 104. London faced stiff opposition during the vote from the other four candidate cities: Paris, New York, Moscow and Madrid. There will be 26 sports on the Olympic programme in London in 2012 and around 10,500 athletes.

View the full schedule here.

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