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05 Jun 2012
London 2012 , IOC News

London 2012 unveils look of Victory Ceremonies

The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) has unveiled the podiums, costumes, flowers and make-up that will be used during the Victory Ceremonies at this summer’s Olympic Games. Students at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London worked closely with LOCOG over the last eight months to develop the designs.

The unique royal purple podiums – designed by students Gaetano Ling, Hong-Yeul Eom, Luc Fusaro, Heegun Koo and Yan Lu – feature dynamic lines representing the energy that the Games and athletes represent.

The elegant and dynamic costume designs – created by students Thomas Crisp and Trine Hav Christensen – represent London’s unique architecture and also feature a modern twist. When designing the costumes, the students were inspired by Greek mythology as well as British heritage. The presenter escorts will also wear a hat, created by former student Zara Gorman. The inspiration for this design includes the architecture of the London 2012 venues, combined with traditional aspects of British tailoring and sportswear.

Floral bouquets will also be presented to athletes along with medals during the Victory Ceremonies. The victory bouquet has been designed by internationally renowned florist Jane Packer and represents the vibrancy of the Games. The four sections each hold a different variety of the rose, an iconic British flower, and are divided by traditional herbs. These ingredients are designed to provide an unusually eclectic fragrant mix.
The make-up that will be worn by all the athlete and presenter escorts and medal and flower bearers has been provided by Max Factor, part of Worldwide Olympic Partner Procter & Gamble (P&G). The unique look has been created by award-winning make-up artist Caroline Barnes, with the purple and gold shades creating a simple, modern design as well as a natural and fresh look.
Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair, said: “The Victory Ceremonies mark the moment athletes can celebrate and share their achievements with fans in the stadiums and a worldwide TV audience. I’m delighted that we have worked with not only with established British designers but also with the next generation of designers to create this special moment for them.”

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