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23 Nov 2005
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LONDON 2012: Orientation Seminar in London

Led by Coordination Commission Chairman Denis Oswald, an IOC delegation will arrive in London today, for a two-day London 2012 Orientation Seminar hosted by the Organising Committee for the Games of the XXX Olympiad - London 2012 (LOCOG). This Seminar is an integral part of the IOC’s transfer of knowledge programmes. This is the first time that such a seminar has been held for a Summer Games Organising Committee.
Learning from the Past
The IOC has implemented an approach to managing the Olympic Games that helps Organising Committees learn from their predecessors, from start to finish. The transfer of knowledge now begins long before the host city is even elected. The London 2012 Orientation Seminar aims to provide key guidance for the early part of LOCOG’s work.
Quick off the Blocks
Planning for a speedy and efficient transition from bid committee to Organising Committee is now required, and London was quick to act. Denis Oswald said: “At the time of Athens, the host city was given 11 months to form an Organising Committee, and then we changed that to five months. But London didn't even need five months. After two months they already had the basis of their Organising Committee.”
A Team Effort
Working towards hosting the Olympic Games requires extensive cooperation between the Organising Committee, public authorities and businesses. Day one of the London 2012 Orientation Seminar will bring together the IOC, LOCOG, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Tessa Jowell, the British Olympic and Paralympic Associations and a number of other groups, for presentations on Games preparations and the best ways of working in partnership.
London 2012
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