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20 May 2009
Sport for All

Living a healthy and active life

World Sport for All Congress
Living a healthy and active life was at the heart of the 12th World Sport for All Congress, which took place in Malaysia from 3 to 6 November 2008. Under the theme “Sport for All – Sport for Life”, 505 participants from 96 countries shared knowledge and best practices, and worked to find solutions to the increasing trend of physical inactivity.

Sport - an investment, not a burden
The results of the four-day congress were compiled into a declaration which underlined the importance of a partnership between the Olympic Movement and governments to act together to counter the global problems of decreasing physical activity and the increasing incidence of obesity.

Key conclusions for this partnership included:
- Focus on the importance of sport and physical activity as a key element of health policies
- When formulating policies, take into account the public health, social and economic benefits of increased participation in sport and physical activity
- Recognise the importance of community sport and physical activity
- Consider Sport for All as an investment, not a cost or burden.

Sharing today for a healthier tomorrow
“I hope Malaysians will put into practice what they have learnt from other successful nations,” said Tunku Imran, President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia. “Unfortunately, Malaysia is lacking concrete examples, especially in schools where some children have only one hour of sport a week.”

Walter Tröger, Chairman of the IOC Sport for All Commission, concluded after the meeting: “The Congress highlighted true team spirit, with participants coming together to make a difference. I look forward to seeing the first results at the Olympic Congress in Copenhagen in October 2009, and then at the next World Sport for All Congress in Finland in 2010.”

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