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06 Feb 2014
Sochi 2014 , IOC News

Listen to the "Voice of the Games"!

Launched for the first time at London 2012, the Voice of the Games platform will again provide a key part of the multimedia Olympic coverage at Sochi 2014, offering up a panoramic view of life at the Games that extends beyond the piste and the rink.

A dedicated team of journalists, editors and volunteers will be working around the clock on “Voice of the Games”, a section of the official Sochi 2014 website, which is focused on providing a panoramic and dynamic picture of daily life during the Games, engaging with fans, and also talking to athletes away from the competition.

In order to maximise its reach, the Voice of the Games appears in three languages - Russian, English and French - and Anastasia Kuleshova, one of the journalists working on the platform, believes that it is sure to have something to interest everyone.

“We want to capture the “voice” of Games, to cover them from all angles, and not just from inside the venues,” she explains. “We will, for example, be looking at the cultural programme, and also everything that happens in and around the Games. We’ll be talking to the athletes, but also to the fans, so as to provide our audience with as full a picture as possible of what is happening.”

The Voice of the Games team began work back in January, but according to Kuleshova the real work begins now, as the countdown to the Opening Ceremony and the actual competition draws to a close.

We had the Olympic flame arriving in Sochi, and then also the arrival of the medals,” she adds. “And starting from tomorrow we will be hooking up live with the live sites, not just in Sochi, but around the country, which will be staging concerts and other events that form the cultural programme.

As in London 2012, where the Voice of the Games concept was first introduced, the fans will be very much at the centre of the platform’s content.

“Once a day we will be doing a short video feature focusing on fans, outside the venues, giving them a chance to share their impressions of the events and of the Games in general,” she adds.

Kuleshova says that the Voice of the Games team at Sochi 2014 will be looking to make even greater use of video content, and will also be harnessing the increasing impact of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure that it is a truly dynamic hub that helps bring Sochi 2014 to life for Olympic fans around the world.

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