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Limited edition recycled Innsbruck 2012 goodies go on sale

26 Apr 2012
Innsbruck 2012, YOG

Whether you were in Innsbruck for the first Winter Youth Olympic Games or following us online, you couldn’t have failed to notice the distinctive banners that brought the city to life with the colourful pixellated Look of the Games.

But what became of these banners? Well, rather than consigning them to the rubbish bin, our friends at Innsbruck 2012 had the innovative idea of teaming up with local design schools to use them to produce a limited edition collection of cool recycled goodies.

The line, which includes wallets, shoulder bags and pencil cases, is not only fashionable and functional, but also offers fans a chance to own a piece of YOG history!

Speaking about the collection, Jürgen Steinberger, Innsbruck 2012 Sustainability Coordinator, said: “The Innsbruck 2012 spirit is alive in every single piece of the collection. I’m particularly pleased with the social component of these projects as well as with the enthusiasm of each and every pupil and employee involved – they were all totally committed to delivering high-quality products.”

Check it out the collection here:

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