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15 Nov 2013
Lillehammer 2016 , IOC News , YOG

Lillehammer 2016 launches new emblem

Four young designers from the University College of Gjøvik in Norway were given the mission to create Lillehammer 2016’s Youth Olympic Games (YOG) emblem, which was unveiled this week.

The four students from the university’s Media Design programme, Marianne Ågotnes, Anja Rullestad, Marte Stensrud and Live Andrea Sulheim, rose to the challenge by designing a clear, neat and subtle emblem that embodies Norwegian ideals.

Proud and full of enthusiasm, one of the young designers said: “I don’t think many students have started their working careers with Olympic deliveries”.

The launch of this emblem is the first step by the Lillehammer 2016 YOG Organising Committee towards revealing the visual identity of the next Winter Youth Olympic Games. As the CEO of Lillehammer 2016, Tomas Holmestad commented: “There is also great interest in how the total visual profile for the Games will be […]. This will be launched during the coming winter, and is also based on a suggestion from the same talented students.”

Stay tuned to see what’s next from Lillehammer 2016!

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