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13 Feb 2010
IOC News

Let the Games begin

Canadians created an Opening Ceremony they could call their own as Vancouver invited viewers from around the world to watch the XXI Olympic Winter Games.

The show opened with a snowboarder soaring through the air from the top of the stadium down through the Olympic rings and onto centre stage, followed by musical performances from Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Sarah McLachlan and Garou.

Then British Columbia's four indigenous host nations welcomed the athletes into the stadium as they danced in their traditional costumes decorated with giant features and bright warm colours.

The stadium roared with excitement as the Canadian team came in, but also fell into a sorrowful standing ovation in memory of luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili when the Georgian team entered.

Creative Director of the show David Atkins used over 100 projectors to create the dazzling light show,  the performance drapes and even the audience members. Wearing a white or light blue poncho, each spectator beat drums and shone different coloured lights. It was an amazing atmosphere! 

Paralympic medallist Rick Hansen, Olympians Catorina Le May Doan, Steve Nash, Nancy Green and the ice hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky simultaneously lit the Olympic cauldron, calling an end to the night but the official start to the Games.

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter.

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