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29 Mar 2007
Olympic News

Lenovo Completing Second Massive Hardware Delivery for Beijing 2008 Games

On the eve of the 500-day countdown to the Beijing 2008 Games, Olympic worldwide partner Lenovo has completed the second of three massive hardware deliveries for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games with the shipment of nearly 700 pieces of hardware, including notebooks, desktop monitors and servers, to the Integration Test Center of the Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG). More than 30 Lenovo staff are now working at the Integration Lab in the centre of Beijing with various partners, configuring the equipment for use in the upcoming test events that begin in July 2007 and end only weeks before the Games begin on 8 August 2008. By that time, the number of on-site Lenovo technicians and support personnel will mushroom to above 400.
More than 14,000 Pieces of Computing Equipment
Lenovo, the world’s third-largest computer maker, is the exclusive computing equipment supplier for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Many aspects of the management of the Games depend on the hardware provided by Lenovo.
As of 27 March, the start of the 500-day countdown to the Games, Lenovo has provided BOCOG with approximately 300 servers, 800 desktop computers, 800 computer monitors, 50 desktop printers and 70 notebook computers. By the time the Games commence, Lenovo will have delivered more than 14,000 pieces of computing equipment to support 56 venues in seven cities, including 39 competition venues, 17 data centres and BOCOG centres.
Marketing Initiatives Underway
Lenovo is launching an advertising and marketing campaign throughout China intended to further strengthen the emotional bond between the Olympic Games and the Lenovo brand. Starting on 27 March and continuing every day until the Games begin, the company will bring viewers of China Central Television (CCTV) primetime news and sports programmes a series of television commercials that underscore the company’s commitment to and involvement in the Olympic Games. Eight different sets of commercials will be tied to different phases of the Olympic Games, such as the preparation of the venues, Opening Ceremonies, test events, etc. A series of celebrations, the adverts encourage viewers to develop their potential and explore new worlds, and tie in with the company’s “New World, New Thinking” marketing initiative.
Each night for the next 500 days, CCTV 1 will be presenting a nightly segment before its primetime evening news to remind viewers how many days remain before the start of the Games.  Lenovo is the title sponsor of these segments, and spots will also appear at various times during the day on CCTV 5, the nation’s most-watched sports channel.

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