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Legacy of Innsbruck 2012 in action

11 Jan 2016
YOG, Innsbruck 2012, Olympic News

Almost four years after the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games took place in Innsbruck in January 2012, young athletes around the world from 22 countries will once again gather in the Olympic city for five days of top-level competition at the 7th International Children’s Games (ICG) from 12 to 16 January.

Building on the legacy of Innsbruck 2012 and the previous two Olympic Winter Games in 1964 and 1976, the ICG will be re-using some of the famous Olympic venues such the Seefeld Arena, the Innsbruck Exhibition Centre and the Kühtai freestyle venue.

The event will also benefit from much of the operational infrastructure developed for Innsbruck 2012, from transport to games planning and even the unforgettable “look of the games” will be re-used inside venues. On the human legacy side, several of the experienced employees are working for the organising committee, and of 600 volunteers who will lend a helpful hand during the Games, many acquired their valuable experience during the first YOG. Even world-famous Innsbruck 2012 mascot YOGGL will be making a few appearances!

To follow the action of the eight sports on the programme, visit www.innsbruck2016. Fans can also watch the opening ceremony streamed live on 12 January.


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