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Lausanne 2020 unveils pictograms with 300 days to go

15 Mar 2019
Olympic News, Lausanne 2020, YOG
Lausanne 2020 marked the 300-days-to-go milestone today by unveiling the Games pictograms, the graphic representations of the sports that will feature on the programme at next year’s Winter Youth Olympic Games, which start on 9 January 2020.  

In line with the Youth Olympic approach of ensuring that the Games are “by and for young people”, the Lausanne 2020 team entrusted the design and development of the pictograms to ERACOM, the art and communication school located in the host city of Lausanne, Switzerland. 


Students of ERACOM already created the mascot, Yodli, which was presented to the public at the one-year-to-go celebrations in January. Some 36 students also collaborated to deliver the final work on the 16 pictograms that represent events in the eight sports that will feature at Lausanne 2020, including the animated versions unveiled today.

Ian Logan, CEO of Lausanne 2020, said: "The success of Lausanne 2020 will also be measured by the impact that the event will leave in schools. Hundreds of young people have been involved in the creative process behind the Games to help prepare and shape Lausanne 2020 into an event they want to be a part of. This commitment to young people is part of the DNA of our project, and I would like to thank ERACOM for the high-quality work of its students. We are very proud of their involvement in the YOG and look forward to future collaborations."

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