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09 Aug 2004
IOC News

Launch of the "Giving is Winning" project

During his visit to the Olympic Village this morning, President Rogge officially launched the “Giving is Winning” project. Initiated by the IOC Department of International Cooperation and Development, in collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), this project encourages all athletes and officials taking part in the Games to donate clothing, which the HCR will distribute in refugee camps in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Eritrea.

"We can all make a difference"
President Rogge called on “everyone in Athens, be they athletes, officials or sports leaders, to take part in the project. By getting involved, we can all make a difference for people for whom wearing an athlete’s clothing can brighten up their day and make them feel an integral part of the worldwide family of sport.”
Immediately responding to President Rogge’s appeal, UNHCR representative Bob White; the Mayor of the Olympic Village, Manos Ioannis; IOC Athletes’ Commission Chairman and Olympian Sergey Bubka; and the IOC Director General, Urs Lacotte, donated clothing and sportswear. Several National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have already promised to take part by donating unused clothing.

For one item given in Athens, over 10,000 refugees will benefit
During the Athens Games three locations have been identified in the Olympic Village, for athletes to place their clothing in specially designated receptacles. The clothing will be sorted and packed by a group of volunteers, and sent in September to the three destinations. Under the theme “Giving is Winning”, it is hoped that many athletes and others will contribute, as an important humanitarian contribution. For example, if each athlete or other Olympic Family member were to donate one piece of clothing, over 10,000 refugees in the world would benefit.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR)

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