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10 Aug 2008
Beijing 2008

Korean archery domination continues

South Korea Archery

Such is the domination of South Korea women in Olympic archery, no other team has claimed gold in the event since 1980 when the nation boycotted the Moscow Games. So when the world’s elite gathered for the Olympic Games in Beijing, few were expecting anything other than a victory for the Korean archers.

The trio of Park Sung-hyun, Yun Ok-hee, and Joo Hyun-jung – wearing their trademark short-brimmed sunhats –put on a masterclass, the like of which the Olympic Games had rarely seen before.

They beat the Olympic record in the ranking round, and shattered the world record in startling fashion in the quarter-finals against Italy at the Olympic Green Archery Field.

Park, who won individual gold in Athens in 2004, came close to perfection, missing the centre circle with just one of her shots as the Koreans scored 231 points out of a possible maximum of 240.

A few hours later the trio crushed France to book their place in the gold medal match against hosts China.

Despite a raucous atmosphere with the home crowd fully behind their team, the Koreans kept their focus and opened up a gap from the first round of arrows.

Park had helped the Korean trio to gold in Athens at the last minute against China, and a vociferous home crowd were eagerly roaring their team on amid some pretty poor weather for high-calibre archery.

Yet Korea led all the way, and when Joo prepared for the final arrow of the contest they only required a two for victory.

But she sealed the win in spectacular style by nailing another 10, turning to high-five her team mates and coaches, as the Koreans ran out 224-215 winners.

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