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16 May 2014
IOC News , Athletes' space

Kim Clijsters and Clive Woodward live on new IOC educational platform

Rugby World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward and former world number one tennis player Kim Clijsters were featured as guests during the first-ever live event on the IOC’s recently launched free online education platform, the IOC Athlete MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

During a one-hour live video interview, the British coach and Belgian sportswoman shared thoughts, experiences and expert advice on nutrition, performance, education and transitioning into a life after sport. Both guests also addressed participants’ questions submitted via chat.

First-hand insight into life in sport

Live events will become a monthly fixture on the IOC Athlete MOOC platform, enabling registered users to learn invaluable lessons from top athletes, coaches and leaders from the sports world on a range of subjects directly related to athletes and life in sport, on and off the field of play.

On this occasion, tennis player Kim Clijsters recounted what drove her to succeed in sport. From surrounding herself with people she trusted and respected to finding a balance between “being disciplined, professional and enjoying herself”, the mother of two outlined that, for her, “the most important word is passion”, which saw her “always wanting to improve” at her sport and “asking a lot of questions to those who were knowledgeable”.

Hugely interested in the field of nutrition, Clijsters explained how, throughout her career, she has invested a lot of time and energy in researching and understanding the role of nutrition in improving her performance in sport and recovery. Advising athletes to “take responsibility” for their own diet, both she and Sir Clive Woodward emphasised the importance for an athlete to know what to eat and when.

For those who missed it, log in or sign up to the MOOC on or via the Athletes’ Space on our website to watch Sir Clive Woodward chat with Kim Clijsters.  

Facilitating access to education for athletes
Believing that education is an important foundation for success beyond the end of a sports career, the IOC has developed the IOC Athlete MOOC – Massive Open Online Course – to deliver free high-quality, engaging, educational content to a worldwide athlete audience. Content is both formal and informal, and includes courses providing athletes and their entourage with a general background on topics such as sport and education, sports science, coaching and management.

Register now and be the first to know who will be sharing their experiences and advice in the next Live Event!

If you encounter any problems when trying to access the MOOC platform or have any questions about the courses, please contact our support team at

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