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21 Nov 2007
IOC News , Press Release

Killy says Russia well prepared to tackle Olympic Games challenge

An important step was completed in Sochi’s Olympic Games preparations today, when the Sochi 2014 Orientation Seminar came to a close in the Russian capital, Moscow. Bringing together the IOC with representatives of the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee and their local partners, the seminar allowed the IOC to share with the people that will be responsible for organising the Games in 2014 some best practices from previous Games and to lay out the framework of partnership that will guide preparations over the next seven years.
“The quality of the people who attended this week’s Orientation Seminar, and their intelligent questioning on the Games preparations leaves me in no doubt that the organisation of the Sochi Games is in good hands,” said Jean-Claude Killy, Chairman of the IOC’s Coordination Commission. “On the IOC side, we have been able to share with the Organising Committee and its partners a common vision of how we will work over the coming seven years on this exciting and complex project, as well as share some of the important lessons that have been learned from previous Games organisers. This will allow the different entities involved in these Games to work in a more efficient manner, as we work together to put on some truly magnificent Winter Games for the athletes of the world in 2014.”
As well as speaking to the delegates at the seminar, Killy and Gilbert Felli, the IOC Olympic Games Executive Director, attended a meeting with the Presidium of the Presidential Council responsible for the preparations of the Olympic and Paralympic Games at the Russian Parliament – the White House. This encounter allowed Killy and Felli to brief the top level of the Russian Government on the contents of the seminar and how the IOC would work with the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee. It was also the opportunity for the IOC team to discuss the positive effects that the Games could bring to Sochi and Russia.
Commenting on the visit to the White House, Killy said, “The meeting with Prime Minister Zubkov and the other members of the Presidium was a very important and encouraging meeting for the IOC. It showed us that the entire Russian Government and sporting community are behind this project and that they are ready and willing to take the decisions that need to be taken to finish the Games project on time.” He continued, “Our meeting at the White House and the discussions during the Orientation Seminar have shown us that Russia, as a nation, is behind the Games in Sochi and that it is well prepared to take on this Olympic challenge.” 
Dmitry Chernyshenko, the Sochi 2014 CEO commented, “The exchanges were very fruitful and full of interactivity, as we learned the best practices from previous Games. I think that both sides learnt something new from our two days of discussions.” He continued, ”Listening and learning to the previous experiences of other Games organisers and gaining a mutual understanding of the processes with our partners will allow us to build a solid framework of partnership that will guide our preparations over the next seven years.”
Olympic Games Knowledge Management (OGKM)
The IOC’s transfer of knowledge programme plays a key part in allowing Organising Committees to build top quality Games on the basis of past experience. In addition to the Orientation Seminar, the IOC’s Olympic Games Knowledge Management programme consists of a knowledge base, accessible via an extranet, comprising key reports, plans and information from every area of Olympic Games management, observers’ and secondees’ programmes during the Games, a debrief following each edition of the Games, and access to specially tailored courses for Organising Committees with the participation of Games experts.
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