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11 Oct 2005
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Kick off for the 25th Olympic Week

With magnificent weather and the ideal temperature, the 25th Olympic Week began on Sunday. Like every year, about 40 sports and activities were organised for 9-15 year-olds during their school holidays. New this year was cross country roller skiing. Before the event began, 3,200 children had already signed up. On Thursday evening, when the event ended, no fewer than 5 057 passes had been distributed.  
Adolf Ogi distributing accreditations
To celebrate fittingly 25 years of Olympic Week, the IOC invited Adolf Ogi, Special Adviser to the United National Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace, to inaugurate the various venues. Adolf Ogi gave out accreditations to the young Byelorussians currently staying at the Pestalozzi Foundation. The group then joined the Lausanne participants to share with them some great sporting moments. 
Maryam Jamal and a koshiki karatedo specialist meeting youngsters
The beautiful and talented Maryam Jamal, who won at the meeting in Monaco last month, came to encourage the young athletes in the making and offer them some advice. Shihan Masamitsu Kudaka, a Japanese koshiki karatedo ace (read: contact karate), travelled from Tokyo expressly to give information on his art, and, patiently, to try to inculcate it. 
To win, relax!
 An original workshop was part of the new features: To win, relax! In the auditorium, two Museum hosts put the participants in a stressful situation (with noise and the sound of a crowd, and a limited time to score a goal, then calculating the rise in adrenaline using a small gadget attached to the wrist). Then, in another room, methods of relaxation were taught to reduce the pressure. The youngsters really appreciated it! A new success then for Olympic Week, which is on its way to its second quarter of a century!
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