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Keeth Smart of the United States at Beijing 2008 Getty
18 Jan 2010
Athlete Stories

Keeth Smart

Fencing, USA

Keeth Smart, ranked the world’s number 1 fencer in 2003 and Olympic competitor for the USA.

When Keeth joined the IOC Athlete Career Programme in 2006, he was working at a telecoms company as a financial research analyst. At that time, he was having difficulty balancing his work commitments, training schedule and commuting, so he looked to the IOC ACP for answers.

With the IOC ACP, the focus was on building his confidence so that he could re-position himself effectively and get his working life on track. "With my increased ability to describe my position and transferable skills, rather than getting a new employer, my employer worked with me, kept me on the team and enabled me to have a balanced scheduled that included working, training and competition.“

Now Keeth is preparing a new move, studying for an MBA, and the IOC ACP is helping with guidance and practical help on his future career plans.

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