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23 Feb 2010
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

Keeping The Games On Track

Organising one of the world’s largest peace time operations requires a lot of planning and coordination. The Olympic Games organising committee (OCOG) spends seven years preparing for the Games and 17 days in full operational mode. Ensuring that all of the pieces of the operation work as they are supposed to and that all the different organizations involved are integrated in their work is a mammoth task, which is carried out by the Organising Committee’s Main Operations Centre (MOC). On the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) side, it is the Games Coordination Office (GCO) that takes on the role of coordinating the IOC’s activities, as well as being the primary interface for the organizing committees MOC.

Main Operations Centre

The MOC of the local organizers brings together all of the OCOG’s functional areas in one place. This includes departments such as spectator services, transportation, accommodation, media services, sport, technology, and cleaning and waste, which must all work together to ensure that everyone’s Olympic experience is a great one. When problems arise that can’t be resolved at the venue, it is the MOC that will coordinate each of the relevant areas and share information, in order to ensure that the problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. Dealing with multiple problems every day, the MOC is the nerve centre of the Games operations.

Games Coordination Office

Under the direct supervision of the IOC’s Olympic Games Executive Director, the GCO is the IOC’s equivalent of the MOC. It looks after the IOC’s operations and is also a singular point of contact with the local organizers to ensure that information is shared and problem resolution is integrated when both organizations and or other Olympic Movement organizations must be involved, such asNational Olympic Committees or International Federations. This continues the IOC’s role of monitoring and guiding the OCOG that is primarily carried out by the IOC’s Coordination Commission during the seven years of preparations. The GCO is the administrative arm of the daily Games Coordination meetings chaired by the IOC President

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