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06 Oct 2009
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Jim Hart’s Olympic Totem Pole welcomes you to The Museum!

On the occasion of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Jim Hart, a Haida artist, has sculpted a totem pole for The Olympic Museum. This imposing work, erected in front of The Museum, opens a window onto the traditional culture of one of the First Nations of British Columbia (Canada).

The artist shows us important characters in the Haida culture: the salmon, the bear, the killer whale and the eagle. At the top of the totem pole, he has added the Olympic rings, thus symbolising the meeting between Olympism and the First Nations.

Jim Hart started this work in Canada, a few months before the opening of the Vancouver 2010 exhibition. He added the final touches in Lausanne, in front of The Museum, from 11 to 14 October. On the evening of the preview, a ritual ceremony saw the totem raised, carried and then hoisted by the artist, members of the Haida community, young Swiss athletes and guests of The Museum.

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