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15 Aug 2006
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Jean-Philippe Rapp - THE CHOICE OF FAIR PLAY

Date: Wednesday 6 September 2006 at 6.30 p.m. at the Olympic Museum
They punch and embrace one another on the field of play; they sing or fight in the stands. Those who practise sport and the supporters who watch it. Trivialised images, commonplaces or reality? Sport is a mirror of our society. Let’s use the Agora to analyse what can turn us into angels or demons. And is we extend the evening to watch together what happens on the field of play…?
6.30 - 8 p.m.: Discussion presented by Jean-Philippe Rapp
-          Professor Norbert Müller, Vice-President of the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP)
-          Stéphane Chapuisat, former international footballer, only Swiss player to have won the Champions League
-          Nicole Pétignat, international football referee
-          Lucio Bizzini, former captain of the Swiss national football team and psychotherapist
-          Pierre Berbizier, coach of the Italian rugby team; former coach and captain of the French team
-          Georges-André Carrel, Director of Lausanne University Sports Department and co-trainer of the LUC Volleyball LNA team
-          Professor Denis Müller, leading specialist on ethical issues
-          Thomas Busset, historian, specialising in research into hooliganism
-          Yannick Pugin, street educator
Illustrations live by Mix&Remix
8 p.m.:              Free buffet
8 - 9 p.m.:         Live broadcast of the beginning of the Switzerland vs. Costa Rica football match on a giant screen
From 9 p.m.:   Live broadcast of the France vs. Italy football match on a giant screen
Reservation required by 28 August
This Agora is organised in conjunction with the exhibition entitled Angel or Demon? The Choice of Fair Play, which is currently being shown at the Olympic Museum until 5 November 2006.
Why the Agora?
The Olympic Museum wants to be a meeting place for exchanges and studies - dialogue and diversity being the main themes. The “Agora”, a crossroads for ideas, is staged several times a year. Enticing subjects, of interest to the general public and linked to current issues at the Olympic Museum and in sport in general, are at the heart of these discussion events. Jean-Philippe Rapp, a great lover of life and sport, hosts the meetings with numerous well-known guests with the aim of delivering a lively and participative examination of sport and society.
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