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27 Feb 2006
IOC News

Italy at its Best

International Olympic Committee member, former Olympian and Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Games in Turin, Jean-Claude Killy, had words of praise for the Olympic Winter Games that have come to a close in Turin. “These were Games of the heart, of warmth, of smiles,” he said, “It was Italy at its best.”
Speaking at a press conference on the final day of competition of the Games in Turin, Killy expressed his contentment and satisfaction with the Games.
Athlete Satisfaction
Killy told the media that athlete satisfaction is the most important element in determining the overall success of the Olympic Games and that here in Turin that had been achieved. “I have spoken to the athletes and they have told us that they are happy,” he said.
Venues and Volunteers
Killy also commented on the remarkable quality of the venues and referred to the magnificent Palavela ice stadium where the figure skating and short-track speed skating events were held as well as the bobsleigh track, which is one of the most modern in the world.
Killy was also eager to pay tribute to the thousands of volunteers who worked towards the success of the event, saying how magnificently they had represented their country. “These were the Games of Italy,” he said.

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