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IPACS Task Force Updates

17 Mar 2021
Following its virtual Steering Committee meeting in November, which served to endorse the IPACS Governance Guidelines and the roadmap 2021-2022, and to appoint the IPACS Bureau members, the IPACS Task Forces have continued to meet virtually in order to accomplish their work plan and agree on future activities.

Task Force 1

An IOC-OECD study was officially launched in January to develop guidelines on the effective delivery of infrastructure and associated services for major international multi-sport and single-sport events. The first results will be presented at the next Task Force meeting in late April or early May. The study complements the work achieved by Task Force 1, which is devoted to reducing the risk of corruption in procurement relating to sporting events’ infrastructure and services.

Task Force 2

Meanwhile, Task Force 2, devoted to ensuring integrity in the selection of major sporting events, is working on two important initiatives:         

  • a toolkit for international and national sports organisations, aimed at ensuring integrity in the reallocation of major sports events; and
  • recommendations on how to avoid the corruption risks in the different stages of a candidature process at national as well as international level.

Both projects are at an advanced stage, and are expected to be discussed during the next Task Force meeting in May.

Task Force 3

Task Force 3, which was set up with the aim of optimising the processes of compliance with good governance principles to mitigate the risk of corruption, is in the process of drafting the Implementation Guidelines for the IPACS Sport Governance Benchmark through a smaller expert group comprising all the sectors of the IPACS stakeholders. First results on the section of transparency were presented during the Task Force meeting earlier this month, whereas progress has already been made on the second section which refers to integrity. In total there are five sections to be covered, with the other three being democracy, development and solidarity, and checks and balances / control mechanisms.

Task Force 4

The stocktaking report on international anti-bribery standards will be finalised by Task Force 4, which facilitates effective cooperation between law enforcement, criminal justice authorities and sports organisations, by the end of this month. This report is an initial approach to identify legal provisions that could be applicable to corruption in sport. A Task Force meeting will be held in mid-April to decide on the next steps. This meeting will also serve to discuss how to make the best use of existing networks of law enforcement and criminal justice authorities and facilitate their cooperation with sports organisations, in line with the terms of reference of Task Force 4.

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