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19 Jan 2000
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne, 19 January 2000 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched its global Olympic 2000 Promotional Program at the annual Sports Summit in New York today. To celebrate the Olympic Year, the IOC is pleased to present this global promotional program on behalf of the Olympic Movement under the theme "Celebrate Humanity." The campaign will run utilizing bartered media assets with official Olympic Media Partners around the world via donated public service space and air time, rather than purchased media.
The promotional announcement campaign is the culmination of over two years of work and is designed to communicate the core values of the Olympics. The creative tells stories of the athletes and the remarkable dedication, friendship, strength of character, and joy they demonstrate during the Olympic Games. The campaign rejoices in and invites the world to celebrate these values.
"We are very pleased these promotional announcements are able to capture the essence of the Olympic values and communicate the special nature of both the Olympic Games and the actions of the athletes," said the IOC President.
The campaign is composed of six television announcements, eight radio announcements, and double- and single-page print executions. It has been produced in English, French, and Spanish, with provision for production in other languages to allow the maximum number of people to experience these remarkable stories.
The IOC is particularly pleased one of the most imaginative and well-known actors, Mr. Robin Williams, has donated his time to provide the voice for the English television announcements. "Many of my favorite Olympic memories were not gold medal situations. They were inspiring moments of humanity that transcended borders, obstacles, and languages – and unified people around the world. I feel this campaign conveys that, and I am proud to be a part of it," Mr. Williams explained.
This project was begun in 1997, with the conduct of extensive global research on the Olympic image. The results showed the world’s public holds the Olympics in the highest esteem and fully understands that the Olympics transcend sport. They defined the Games in terms of human values: hope, friendship and fair play, dreams and inspiration, and joy in effort.
The promotional announcements were created and produced by TBWA/Chiat Day advertising agency. "This is not about advertising in the traditional sense; it’s about reminding the world of the values and dreams the Olympics represent," said Lee Clow, chairman and world-wide creative director of TBWA World-Wide. "The Olympics is the ultimate celebration of humanity; we want the whole world to be able to participate in that celebration."
"Through their honor and dignity in competition, Olympic athletes teach lessons to us all," commented Richard W. Pound, IOC first vice president and chairman of the IOC Marketing Commission. "We believe this promotional campaign captures the core of the Olympic message as demonstrated by the performances of these athletes."
"Many individuals and entities have donated their time, talents, and skills to this campaign. We are extremely grateful for their generosity," Pound added.

Fact Sheet
1. The announcements will run world-wide from January through the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
2. The television, radio, and print has been produced in English, French, and Spanish. Olympic Broadcast partners have the option to produce versions in their local language.
3. No budget will be spent on placement of this campaign. All advertising will be run either as a public service promotional announcement or as part of contractual agreements with Olympic marketing partners.
4. The announcements will run in more than 200 countries. The print executions will be run in selected publications, many with international circulation.
5. The only budget invested in this program was for research and creative development and production. Most of the production was donated or done at cost.
6. The campaign is based on qualitative and quantitative research done in 11 countries among more than 5,500 people in 1998 and validated in September 1999. The core values identified in this research provided the basis for the creative messages.
7. The campaign will be available on the Olympic web site beginning late-January.
8. Some of the stories in this campaign were inspired by well-known portrayals of the Olympic values demonstrated by athletes, including those of Mr. Bud Greenspan, Olympic storyteller and historian.
9. The Olympic Movement is composed of the International Olympic Committee, the 199 National Olympic Committees, the Organizing Committees of cities hosting the Olympic Games, International Sports Federations, and the thousands of athletes representing sport around the world.

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