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03 Jul 2000
IOC News , Press Release


LAUSANNE, Switzerland (3 July 2000) - Web Portal Provides a Link to the News of Sydney and the IOC on One Site -

Furthering its commitment to transparency, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today is providing free access to the beta-prototype of the Olympic News Portal (ONP) for use by the world’s media through a link on the IOC Olympic Portal. The new portal, accessible from the “Sydney 2000 World News” link, provides fast and easy access to Olympic and IOC-related news from one site.

Applying newly developed technology from Datops S.A., ONP collects and lists the links to articles covering the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games from the major news sources present on the Internet. More than 60 news sources, representing all continents and covering six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, are presently included. The number of sources will increase to 150 in the coming weeks.

The innovative software developed by Datops S.A. selects the titles and URLs of articles from web sites by searching key words and phrases, for example Sydney Olympics and International Olympic Committee. Using complex mathematical modeling of multi-lingual textual information, ONP automatically groups the articles under six themes. The themes are: Athletes, Organization, Sponsorship, IOC, Security, and Festivities. The articles are also listed by the geographical origin of their publication sources.

For purposes of development, only news related to the Sydney Olympic Games and the IOC is being monitored and listed. Other topics related to the Olympic Movement will be added over time as the software is perfected and the site’s capabilities are enhanced.

Some of the features currently found on the Olympic News Portal include:

- Automatic daily selection of the main news topics of the day (“Hot Topics”)
- Manual daily selection of four “Must Read” articles, focusing on athlete stories, key news for the Sydney Olympic Games, and IOC news.
- Automatic check for new articles every two hours, on a rolling 24 hours basis. (No article is taken from the list until the source publishes the next day.)
- Archive of the daily list of article titles and their links as recorded at 21:00 GMT.
- List of the title and link to articles sorted by geographical origin of their publication sources.
- Automatically updated display of the origins of articles published, as well as the proportional volume of publication for that location.
- Display of the daily volume of Olympic news since January 1, 2000, based on a representative sample of publication sources.

The Olympic News Portal is still in the Beta prototype phase. Expected completion of its design, navigation, and functionality is August 31, 2000. The IOC and Datops S.A. welcome all comments and suggestions in order to improve the Portal. Please write to or with your comments.

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