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10 Jul 2009
IOC News , Press Release

IOC statement about court decision on women ski jumping

While we are pleased that the Games can now proceed as planned, we strongly disagree with the court's analysis that the IOC acted in a discriminatory manner. As previously explained, our decision was based on technical issues, without regard to gender.
The IOC will continue to follow the development of women’s ski jumping and remains open to considering its possible inclusion in the Sochi Games in 2014. We understand and appreciate how important inclusion is to the dedicated athletes who participate in the sport.
We also welcome the court’s recognition that that “the IOC in recent years has supported the inclusion of women in the Olympics and in amateur sports." and the observation that, “The IOC has implemented a wide range of initiatives to increase women’s involvement in leadership and administration within the Olympic movement and the wider sporting community."
The judgment goes on to say, “VANOC points out that these are not empty words or empty policies; women now compete in approximately 48% of the events at the Winter Olympics and the percentage of female athletes has steadily increased to just over 40%” (quote from pages 34-35 of court decision)
 IOC factsheet - Women in the Olympic Movement
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