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24 Feb 2006
IOC News , Press Release

IOC statement

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) can confirm that the laboratory analysis of the ten samples taken at an unannounced test on Austrian cross country and biathlon athletes last Saturday evening has been completed and the results transmitted to the IOC earlier this afternoon.
Standard practice according to the IOC Anti-Doping Regulations applicable to the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin is not to give the details of doping control findings unless the results are positive. However, due to the exceptional nature of this case, the IOC has decided to specifically communicate that the samples did not show up any adverse findings.
The IOC would like to stress that the doping controls of Saturday night and their ensuing results are only one element in what is undoubtedly an affair which goes far wider. The IOC takes this affair very seriously and is determined to do everything within its powers to bring full clarity.
This will include, in due course, the setting up of a Disciplinary Commission, which will study the various files and information gathered and hear the relevant persons.
The IOC believes it is of fundamental importance that all the various elements that are currently being gathered – be these by the Italian authorities or by the Austrian Olympic Committee’s own inquiry commission – are looked into as much as possible in their entirety, helping to give a full picture.
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