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23 Aug 2004
IOC News

IOC sanctions Russian shot putter for failing anti-doping test

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that shot putter Irina Korzhanenko, Russian Federation, has been excluded from the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens in 2004 after failing an anti-doping test carried out by the IOC.

Tested positive for stanozolo
Korzhanenko, 30, tested positive on 18 August for stanozolol, a prohibited anabolic steroid, after the women's shot put event in Olympia where she won the gold medal. The IOC Executive Board this morning heard the report of the Disciplinary Commission and decided that Irina Korzhanenko is disqualified from the Women’s shot put event, where she had placed first; shall have her gold medal and diploma withdrawn; is excluded from the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens in 2004 and shall have her Olympic identity and accreditation card withdrawn.

Medal to return
The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is requested to modify the results of the above-noted event accordingly and to consider any further action within its own competence.

The Russian Olympic Committee is ordered to return to the IOC, as soon as possible, the medal and diploma awarded to the athlete in relation to the above-noted event.

So far 1,662
So far, over 1,662 anti doping tests have been performed out of the 3,000 tests that the IOC is expected to conduct throughout the period of the Games.

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