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28 Aug 2002
IOC News , Press Release

IOC Reviews Sporting Programme for Future Olympic Winter Games

The sporting programme for future Olympic Winter Games, specifically the XX Olympic Winter Games in 2006 in Turin was reviewed today by the IOC Executive Board meeting in Lausanne.

The Olympic Programme Commission is responsible for reviewing and analysing the programme of sports, disciplines and events, and also the number of athletes in each sport for the Games of the Olympiad and the Olympic Winter Games. It is also responsible for developing recommendations on the principles and structure of the Olympic Programme for the Olympic Games and the Olympic Winter Games. The Executive Board will review the programme for future Games of the Olympiad during tomorrow's meeting.

The Olympic Programme Commission's report on the Winter Games, explaining the Commission's recommendations and outlining the criteria against which sports, disciplines and events have been judged, is available below.

Discover the Olympic Programme Commission's report:

Review of the Olympic Programme and the Recommendations on the Programme of the XX Olympic Winter Games, Turin 2006

Decisions and recommendations regarding inclusion of new sports, disciplines and events:


: it was decided NOT TO RECOMMEND the admission of Ski Mountaineering (UIAA) and Ski Orienteering (IOF)


: it was decided NOT TO ADMIT Natural Track Luge (FIL)



- it was decided NOT TO INCLUDE: Luge - team event (FIL) and Skiing - ski flying (FIS)

- it was decided TO INCLUDE Biathlon - mass start (IBU) in the programme of the 2006 Winter Games in Turin ONLY

- it was decided to postpone the decision on Skiing - Snowboard Cross (FIS) to the next Executive Board meeting in November.

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