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23 Apr 2015

IOC Receives Award for Governance and Transparency

The IOC has been awarded the SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation Award in the category of Governance and Transparency.

According to SportBusiness Intelligence: “The IOC has, with the adoption of its Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations, firmly demonstrated a high-level of commitment to transparency and integrity to combat corruption, and to a whole raft of other principled initiatives.”

IOC Executive Board Member Professor Uğur Erdener, who received the award on behalf of the IOC, said: “I am delighted to accept the award, which I believe not only underlines the importance of good governance and transparency for sports organisations, but also acknowledges the work undertaken by IOC President Thomas Bach and my colleagues to implement Olympic Agenda 2020. Four months after its unanimous approval by the IOC Members, all the measures concerning good governance and transparency with regard to the IOC have not only been approved but also implemented.” 

The judging panel for the Ultimate Sports Federation Awards comprised 13 industry experts, including Peter Cox of Sport New Zealand, who said: “The approval of all the proposed initiatives in Agenda 2020 show an effectively governed organisation capable of deep self-reflection and demonstrating a pathway for others to follow. This is an organisation that understands its strategic place and potential in wider society, and is unafraid to voice its views and engage in productive debate. Its recent track record is to take on board criticism and not avoid issues. It is committed to initiatives that drive gender equality throughout sport and challenge injustice. The IOC is the best-practice benchmark and beacon that many other international federations will look to follow, join and learn from.”

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