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14 Dec 2007
Olympic News

IOC proactive on betting in sport

This week, the IOC Executive Board (EB) discussed the topical issue of betting in sport. In a proactive approach, the IOC has initiated a series of discussions with other sporting organisations to find out what they are doing in this area. Lord Condon, the Chairman of the Anti-corruption and Security Unit at the International Cricket Council, was invited to address the EB.  In his presentation, Condon said he believed that the Olympic Games are not a particularly high risk event as regards illicit betting activities, but encouraged the IOC to pursue the proactive measures it has already undertaken, which include barring all participants in the Olympic Games from betting and promoting betting.

Following Lord Condon’s presentation, the EB decided to continue to share rules and experiences with sports federations, especially in the area of event monitoring, and to organise a seminar involving the stakeholders of the Olympic Movement in order for participants to learn from the sports that have had to deal with this challenge.
Listen to Lord Condon’s interview
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