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17 Jun 2002
IOC News , Press Release

IOC President Visits Moscow

MOSCOW, Russian Federation (17 June 2002)

- The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held constructive talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and celebrated the opening of the International Youth Games of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Baltic countries during a successful weekend trip to Moscow.

During their meeting, the Russian Federation and IOC Presidents discussed the future of sport and the Olympic Movement. Noting the importance of Russian sport, President Rogge welcomed President Putin's plans to enhance Russia's sports programmes and complimented the excellent preparations for the International Youth Games of CIS and Baltic countries.

Following the meeting, the IOC President visited the venues of the CIS Youth Games accompanied by Vice Prime Minister V. Matvienko, Mayor Y. Luzkov, Sports Minister V. Fetisov (Chairman of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport), IOC Vice President Vitaly Smirnov, IOC Member Shamil. Tarpichev, and Russian NOC President Leonid Tyagachev.

During the weekend, the IOC President delivered a message during the opening ceremony attended by 80,000 spectators in Olympic stadium, and enjoyed the competitions. Some 6000 athletes from 15 countries are participating in the Games which run until 24 June.

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