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27 Feb 2006
IOC News

IOC President Praises A Magnificent Team

IOC President Jacques Rogge held a thank-you breakfast in Torino’s Lingotto building, to convey his gratitude to key members of the team that organised the Games. In a speech to staff members of TOROC, the Organising Committee for the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games, the President explained how picking the right word to describe the Games had proved a considerable challenge.


"Le Mot Juste"
“It was extremely hard to find a word that could do justice to the wonderful Games you have organised for us”, IOC President Jacques Rogge told TOROC leaders. “The word had to have a powerful meaning in the three languages of the Closing Ceremony: Italian, French and English. Of course, it also had to reflect the excellent quality of the competitions”, he said. “It was only after an hour with a dictionary and with the help of Coordination Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Killy and Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli that I was able to find a word that truly reflected these Games and the TOROC team: 'magnificent'.”
In an Olympic protocol ceremony presided over by IOC Chief of Protocol Pál Schmitt, Olympic Orders were bestowed upon TOROC Vice-Presidents Evelina Christillin, Bruno Rambaudi and Pierpaulo Mazza, together with Chief Executive Officer Cesare Vaciago and TOROC Chief Operating Officer Luciano Barra. As special and symbolic thanks for their work, the TOROC managing directors were awarded with the gold Olympic ring pins also worn by IOC members.
A Sacred Place
Italian IOC member Manuela Di Centa, Mayor of the Turin Olympic Village, presented Jacques Rogge with books signed by all the athletes who had stayed in the three Villages serving the Games. “This is really something that touches my heart”, the IOC President said upon receiving the guest books. “The Olympic Village is a sacred place and it gave me the utmost pleasure to spend time there with the athletes during these last two-and-a-half weeks”, he added.

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