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06 Jun 2003
IOC News

IOC President Jacques Rogge with NBC television network

US Olympic Broadcast negotiations continued today at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne with a presentation from the NBC network. Dick EBERSOL, Chairman - Sports Olympics Division; Randy FALCO, President NBC Television Network - NBC Sports; Mark VACHON, NBC CFO; John MILLER, Executive Vice-President, Advertising and Promotion; David NEAL, Executive Vice-President - NBC Olympics; Gary ZENKEL, Executive Vice-President - NBC Olympics - NBC Sports; Peter DIAMOND, Senior Vice-President Olympic Programs - NBC Sports; Bucky GUNTS, Coordinating Director, NBC Olympics; Jim CLARKE, lawyer (outside council); Aimee LEONE, Executive Asst. to Chairman, Manager, Office Admin, NBC Sports and Olympics; Craig LAU, VP Olympics IT; Mike MCCARLEY, Director, Communications, NBC Olympics; Nisakorn Carthungarearn, Designer, NBC Print Media; gave their presentation in the Coubertin Room, the IOC's prestigious meeting room named after the IOC's founder Pierre de Coubertin. Soon after NBC's presentation, bids will be submitted by the networks and then reviewed by the IOC. The final decision is expected Saturday 7 June 2003.
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