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27 Feb 2004
IOC News

IOC President addresses joint meeting of NOCs and Executive Board

IOC President Jacques Rogge this morning addressed the joint meeting of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and the IOC Executive Board, speaking on a number of issues, including the preparations for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens. “A great amount of work has been done,” he said, “ but there is a lot to do in the coming five-and-a-half months. Based on the reports of our expert teams who monitor the preparations, we have confidence that if the rhythm of preparations is respected, the Games will be successful ”, Rogge continued.

Confidence in the Olympic Movement
In his speech to the 500 delegates from 201 NOCs, the President underlined that the Olympic Movement could be happy with the confidence it enjoys among the public, as well as the worlds of politics, economics, sport and the media. Rogge also launched an appeal to all the NOCs: “Such confidence implies rigorous, ethical conduct and effective action based on the values of Olympism. Sport has to set a good example."

Support to WADA and the Fight Against Doping
With this in mind, Rogge believes that the IOC must federate the Olympic Movement's support to WADA and redouble its efforts in the fight against doping, which is sport’s major problem. He encouraged the NOCs to sign the WADA Code and to urge their governments to respect their financial obligations to WADA. Rogge also made a special plea to the NOCs to ensure that their athletes work with coaches, doctors, and physiotherapists who have a clean record in doping, alluding to the recent cases linked to THG.

Clarification of the IOC's work on revising the sports programme and on reducing the size and complexity of future Olympic Games
Looking to the future, the IOC President underlined the IOC’s intention to reduce the complexity and cost of the Games. He also clarified the common misunderstanding of the role of the Programme Commission. The goal of this Commission is to review the composition of the sports programme. He confirmed that there is no intention to reduce either the number of sports or the number of athletes, and reminded the delegates that the evaluation of the programme and the study on the complexity and cost of the Games are two different things.

Thank you
The IOC President thanked all the NOCs for their effective contributions to the Olympic Movement and welcomed the return of Afghanistan and Iraq into the Olympic family. He also gave a special greeting to the two new members to have joined since the ANOC meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2002, Kiribati and Timor Leste. He concluded that, with everyone together (administrations, trainers and athletes) the Olympic Movement was strong.

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